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Small energy, great wisdom, witty,practical and precious

Jack Lee is the boss of the company. In his 21 years of entrepreneurial career, he is determined to be bold, witty and pragmatic, and brave in change. He always insists on the road of "Survival by quality and development through credit". of "surviving on quality and developing on credit".With the attention of craftsman and the persistence of product excellence, the company is deeply engaged in the fields of consumer electronics, such as Video Cable, DVI,optical fiber and other fields, serving customers in 15 countries and regions in the world, providing customers with high-quality products, standard services and perfect solutions.

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22 years’s manufacturing experience

Over the past 10 years, we have specialized in audio video and computer peripheral connectors, and many high-end connection cables, such as Type C cables, USB 3.0 cable,display port cables, fiber optic cables, AV cables, DVI cables, VGA cables, RCA cables and speaker cable

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  • Asia Expo in HK, booth 6Q06 is waiting for you!
    Asia Expo in HK, booth 6Q06 is waiting for you!
    On the second day of the exhibition, the scene was very popular, much better than expected. Customers were very interested in our products. Asia Expo, booth 6Q06 is waiting for you!
  • Day1 of the first phase of Globalsources Hong Kong
    Day1 of the first phase of Globalsources Hong Kong
    Day1 of the first phase of Globalsources Hong Kong Everything is as scheduled, as usual, at this time received customers believe that it is high-quality true love powder, colleagues at this moment for your praise! I wish our answers not only unexpected but also full! [fist]
  • Shipping
    In September, we ushered in the busiest season of the year. At 12:00 on the 5th, the first container truck slowly entered the Jiehua gate. The workers were ready for a nap at noon. Behind them was the fruits of labor that the workers had worked hard for more than a month. There was an urgent, excited language in their eyes, like shouting, "Come on!" Come on! " Yes, the task they are going to accomplish today is to challenge three full container trucks. This is a race against time!
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