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HDMI HD cable:How far can the HDMI HD cable transmit distance be?

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    HDMI HD cable:How far can the HDMI HD cable transmit distance be?

    Issue Time:2019-05-08

    HDMI HD cable carries a very important part in our lives, that is, the transmission of audio and pictures. Now many people are boring to choose to watch movies, and the transmission of movies uses HDMI HD cable. In many cases, If there is no HDMI HD cable, the movie screen will become unclear, especially for large screen display. HDMI high-definition cable as such an important one with the wire, how far can it be transmitted? Many friends are not clear, today HDMI high-definition line manufacturer Jeewah will tell you about how far HDMI high-definition line transmission distance can be.

    On the packaging of many of our HDMI HD cables, there will be tips. The general transmission distance is about 10-15 meters. However, due to some inferior manufacturers on the market, the materials used in the HDMI HD cable are deducted, resulting in the quality of the wires. Reduced, the actual transmission is actually less than ten meters, the signal will be seriously attenuated. At present, the mainstream brand's 10m HDMI high-definition line on the market supports signal transmission above 1080P. It is difficult to say that the inferior product is inferior.

    Jeewah suggested that when you buy HDMI HD cable, first measure the length you need. If we want the length to exceed the transmission distance of HDMI HD cable, in this case, we can use HDMI signal extender to transfer. The distance is extended, and the HDMI signal extender is specially designed for long-distance non-attenuating signal transmission, which ensures that we can transmit signals with long distance and no attenuation on some engineering wiring.

    If they are short-distance transmission, such as signal transmission within 5 meters, you can use HDMI 2.0 version, HDMI high-definition line 2.0 version is mostly 4K quality transmission, there will be different visual experience.

    For more details on the HDMI HD cable, please visit the HDMI HD cable area to learn more.