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Hdmi cable transmission distance influence, do you know?

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    Hdmi cable transmission distance influence, do you know?

    Issue Time:2019-05-13
    The transmission capability of the HDMI cable is truly worthy of its name. It not only has high-bandwidth and high-speed transmission capability, but also enables simultaneous transmission of audio signals and video signals in one cable, which greatly saves the use of cable resources and the transmission distance of hdmi cables. do you know?

    Hdmi cable transmission distance influence, do you know?

    Compared with other video audio cables, the interface volume of the HDMI cable is very small, which makes the HDMI cable more widely used. Currently, some mobile phones also have an HDMI interface.

    HDMI allows high-fidelity audio signals to be transmitted over HDMI cables when developing communication protocols. Seamless connectivity reduces the hassle of wiring and makes HDMI more widely compatible. Support 5Gbps data transmission rate, up to 15 meters. Compared to DVI, HDMI can transmit digital audio signals and add support for HDCP, while providing better DDC options.

    HDMI supports 5Gbps data transfer rate, up to 15 meters, enough to handle a 1080p video and an 8-channel audio signal. And because a 1080p video and an 8-channel audio signal require less than 4GB/s, HDMI has a lot of headroom. This allows it to be connected to a DVD player, receiver and PRR with a single cable. In addition, HDMI supports EDID and DDC2B, so devices with HDMI have the characteristics of “plug and play”. The “negotiation” is automatically performed between the signal source and the display device, and the most suitable video/audio format is automatically selected.

    When actually using the HDMI cable, we consider the maximum length of the HDMI cable. We recommend that the length of the HDMI cable be as short as possible, but it is better to be 50cm longer than the actual length. Under normal circumstances, the transmission distance of the HDMI cable with near-lossless image quality is within 15 meters, and the longest can not exceed 30 meters. The cable signal loss of more than 30 meters is serious, and the screen display effect is extremely poor. So, the HDMI cable is as short as possible.