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Jeewah:What is the production process of the HDMI cable?

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    Jeewah:What is the production process of the HDMI cable?

    Issue Time:2019-05-15

    What is the production process of the HDMI cable? Some HDMI cables look nothing, but the actual use is only to find the clarity is not satisfactory. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the manufacturing process when purchasing HDMI cable.

    What is the production process of the HDMI cable?

    An HDMI cable consists of an inner core, a connector, a peripheral shield, and an RF blocking device at both ends (shield ring - eliminates electromagnetic interference).

    Good HDMI cable, the inner core uses pure copper or oxygen-free copper, so that the quality of the transmitted signal is better guaranteed. Those HDMIs that cut corners and have poor quality are made of low-cost iron cores or other alloy materials. When we buy the HDMI cable, we can't see the internal material, so we often judge it by hand.

    In general, HDMI with a copper core is softer and easier to bend, and the core is hard to bend. If there are conditions, you can use the magnet test to determine whether the core is used. So soft and hard should be moderate, too hard and too soft lines are not selected.

    In addition to the inner core, the joint process is one of the key factors affecting the quality of the HDMI cable. From the perspective of transmission effects, the use of gold is of course the best, followed by silver, and then copper. Pure gold sterling silver wire is not available on the market, but in order to enhance the transmission effect of pure copper wire, it is gold-plated and silver-plated. The good HDMI connector should be smooth, bright and without any flaws. If the connector looks dull and has spots, etc., be careful.

    If the wire has magnetic rings at both ends, this will help to improve the anti-interference of the wire. Some people think that those HDMI cables with magnetic rings will think that quality and workmanship are better. actually not,

    For an HDMI cable with good workmanship and excellent material quality, it doesn't matter if it has a magnetic shield ring. On the contrary, those HDMI cables with poor workmanship and materials may be more susceptible to interference during use. In order to prevent accidents and ensure a certain signal transmission quality, the magnetic shield ring becomes a necessity. So, see the HDMI cable with a shield ring,

    Don't be fooled into thinking that it must be a good line. In addition to the magnetic ring, the mesh jacket is also the practice that many HDMI cables prefer today.