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Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of DVI cable?

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    Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of DVI cable?

    Issue Time:2019-05-09

    Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of DVI cable?

    As one of the wires we often use in our daily life, the DVI line is self-evident. Take our computer, most of the computers now use DVI wire. If there is no DVI cable, we The computer will not be able to transmit signals. Since the DVI line is closely related to our life, what are its advantages and disadvantages? Today, Jeewah Xiaobian will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of DVI wire!

    First, the advantages:

    1, fast

    DVI line transmission speed is a major feature of DVI wire. Because DVI wire transmits digital signals, the information we see is transmitted in digital form. Digital images do not need to be converted. It is transmitted to the display device, which reduces a lot of processes, so the transmission speed is also greatly increased, saving a lot of time. Effectively eliminates the appearance of smear phenomenon, the data transmitted by DVI line, the signal will not be weak, the color is more pure, and the look will be more realistic.

    2, the picture is clear

    As mentioned above, the DVI line reduces a lot of processes, which leads to the DVI interface not requiring these conversions, thus avoiding the loss of signals. The transmitted images are obtained in terms of sharpness and detail expression. Greatly improved.

    Second, shortcomings

    The shortcomings of the DVI line are also obvious. If the display is too large, the transmitted signal will become blurred. Generally, as long as the resolution exceeds 1280×1024, obvious errors will occur. The higher the resolution, the more serious. This is why the resolution of our computer is sometimes blurred after reinstalling the system.

    Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. People are like this. The DVI line is the same. In general, as long as it is not too big, using DVI is still a good choice. If the screen is large, you can Select the HDMI HD cable.