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What are the characteristics of DVI cables? What are the scopes?

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    What are the characteristics of DVI cables? What are the scopes?

    Issue Time:2019-05-10
    As a manufacturer of wire rods for 15 years, Jeewah produces a wide range of DVI cables, including household, commercial use, engineering use, etc. What are the characteristics of Jeewah's DVI cable?


    1. Using imported copper foil and three-layer shielding structure, the terminal is fully gold-plated and plugged and tested 3000 times.

    2, unique wave design injection iron powder core, better play the role of yin stop signal interference

    3, high quality PVC sheath, with wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, environmental protection, long service life, etc.

    4. The core is made of high quality tin-plated oxygen-free copper 24 + 1 signal transmission line, which is ordered to be 50 times higher than ordinary products.

    5, all use environmentally friendly materials, in line with RO Day S environmental standards.

    Scope of application:

    Widely used in computers, industrial control display cables, DVDs, set-top boxes, HDTVs, projectors and other devices with DVI interfaces to obtain high-definition images. A high-quality, high-bandwidth data transmission line that delivers the highest-speed, full-bandwidth uncompressed digital signals for high-definition television (HDTV) and high-definition projectors in high-definition digital video signals in DVI mode. The cable adopts multi-layer shielding structure to prevent external noise interference and external leakage, so that your picture is clear and clear, and the true digital video quality will be restored without causing new signal interference to other devices.